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Summer Activities To Keep Your Dog Busy

Keeping your dog busy in a city like Las Vegas over summer can be tricky. The weather gets so unbearably hot, even leaving the house throughout the day becomes a chore. While laying low in the air conditioning might not bother you, dogs can get bored and restless, but try explaining to them why they can’t go to the park or on a walk. You will likely have better luck joining the next space expedition, so instead, why not have some back-up activities to keep your pet busy when it’s too hot to go outside or enjoy their normal routines.

Buy Them A Splash Pool

If you have the space in your yard, front yard, or even at a friend’s or family members, purchasing a kiddy pool for your dog can be a great way to keep them cool and give them a way to burn some energy. Fill the pool up with cool water, even adding ice cubes if you want so they can “bob” for them or just to keep the temperature down.

Let your furry friend(s) romp around for as long as they want, bringing toys in or getting in with them to encourage play. Keep towels handy so once they’ve had enough, you don’t have wet floors to clean up. Make sure to dump out the water after your pup has played: it can get hot if left out and pets might want to jump back in the next time they are outside.

Check Out Pet-Friendly Shops And Cafes

Las Vegas seems to be becoming more dog-friendly, with stores and restaurants offering a “bring your furry friend” policy throughout the valley. Places like Lazy Dog are a no-brainer for owners, but if you’re looking to expand your horizon, you can also try X Cafe or Better Days, both of which allow well-behaved furry friends. Gold Mine Tavern advertises their shaded patio, which might be too warm in the middle of the day, but could be nice when temps aren’t as high. Stores vary on their pet policies, so it’s always worth calling, but pet stores and pet supply stores allow most animals in and it gives them a sensory experience to wander around in the air conditioning and smell all the scents.

Dog Parks

The theme here is avoiding the heat, so obviously dog parks would fall under the “early morning” or “late evening” time slots, but these are still an option if you want to get your pup out of the house and let them run, play, or simply be outside.

Desert Breeze, Sunset Park, and many others around town offer trails, grass patches, and even some shade, so you and your pet pals can get some fresh air. Bring along plenty of water and maybe even a cooling towel to help dogs try and regulate their temperatures after playing.

Take A Day Trip

Las Vegas is so close to a variety of recreational areas, including Mt. Charleston. During the summer months, people flock here to escape the heat and enjoy the hikes and cooler temperatures. There are more than 60 miles of trails that are well-maintained by the park, meaning they are great for you and your dog(s) to explore together! Bring a picnic and some treats so you can take a well-deserved break after a hike, and of course, don’t forget the water. During the months of May - September, the mountain tends to be very busy, and parking can be scarce as the day wears on. To avoid longer walks to the actual trails, it might be worth going earlier, and this isn’t a bad thing for your pets, either, as it can still get warm by their standards up there.

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