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"If you build it they will come" - Field of Dreams (Kevin Costner)

Since our beginning in 2012 we have seen tremendous growth in all of our programs. It has become quite evident over the years that we need a training building to better serve our community in Helping Other Pawsitively Every Day. We are putting all of our fundraising efforts into obtaining a building, helping more individuals who need a Service Dog, by offering training classes year-round, in a temperature controlled environment. The biggest dream is to take unwanted pups left at our local shelters and train them to become Service Dogs. To see a pup that was left behind given a job, is an amazing transformation to behold, as the pup realizes he has a higher purpose in life: to help a person lead a more independent life. Help us reach our goal and make a donation today.

Our training facility will allow us to have a central location for all of our dog training classes, as well as a place for meetings, seminars, and events, to bring awareness and education to the wonder of a Service Dog. In order to take an unwanted pup from a shelter, we are looking to have at least 7-8 kennels on site so that we always have a place for a dog to begin his/her training in Service Dog work. We also are going to be educating and training a team of volunteer Service Dog trainers/handlers to come in daily to work with the pup on manners, obedience skills, public access manners, and specific Service Dog skills.

We are pleased to annouce we have worked with over 1,000 dogs from our local shelters, have graduated six Service Dog teams in 2015, with 24 Service Dogs in training teams, in addition to 45 active Therapy Dog teams.

Please make a donation today to help us reach our goal of making an even greater impact on the Las Vegas Community.

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