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Frequently Asked Questions

Therapy Dog Program

Frequently Asked Questions


When can my dog begin training for the Therapy Dog Program?

  • We offer group classes to start your journey toward becoming a Therapy Dog at any age!

  • We recommend starting your pup as soon as possible to bring smiles through wagging tails.


How does your Renewal and Retesting work?

  • All teams are required to renew every year for updated vaccines and negative fecal test.

  • Teams are retested every two years. 

  • An email will be sent to you 30 days prior to your membership expiring.


Is there liability coverage with Michael's Angel Paws?

Yes, as long as you are volunteering with proper Michael's Angel Paws identification.


Can my children join me during the Therapy Program and Therapy events?

Yes, your children are allowed to accompany you during your Therapy Dog training and at Therapy Dog events as long as the event or facility allows children. 


Can my dog participate if they have a medical or physical disability?

Yes, we encourage dogs that have physical disabilities or other medical issues to be a part of our Therapy Dog program to encourage others.


You must follow all Veterinarian recommendations to ensure the health and safety of your dog.


What’s the difference between an Emotional Support Animal, a Therapy Dog and a Service Dog? 

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