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Spending time with animals is my passion. Growing up I trained and showed horses, which I loved dearly and give credit to for starting me on my path into the veterinary and obedience world. When I wasn’t showing horses, I was always teaching our family dogs tricks to show off for the family when we had our holiday get togethers. That was always so much fun! Then I grew up and for the past twenty years I've was a Veterinary Technician, during which I kept up training my dogs in obedience and agility to keep them engaged and having fun. I’m also certified in Pet Psychology.

My first rescue dog who holds a very special place in my heart is credited to getting me where I am today. He was my introduction into what a strong foundation and bond with what obedience can give to owners and their dogs. From there we were able to work our way into the show ring to win some simple awards for basic behaviors. To say that was very rewarding is an understatement, knowing that I had put in the time and hard work to get there made me feel very proud of my accomplishments.

Since 2017 I have been training service and therapy dog teams and constantly continuing my canine education. Working with a variety of animals has given me the ability to work with many different cases, successfully and help create that human animal bond between owners and their pets. My goal is to help you achieve having a well-mannered, loving, member of the family.

I love that animals bring unconditional love and companionship to our lives. There's nothing better than snuggling up with your fur babies at the end of a long day.

"Being an only child, I grew up with quite a few “fur siblings.” That, plus being a natural teacher, I became a novice dog trainer at a very early age. It wasn’t until I was much older and rescued my own dog that I was able to attend my first dog training courses. My rescue, Hunter, and I quickly moved through the dog training classes and we became a certified Therapy Dog team within a year.

About a year after Hunter and I became a team, I graduated from California State University Northridge with a BA in Deaf Studies. I then attended Bergin University of Canine Studies and graduated with an Associate of Science in Assistance Dog Education. Since then I have been training service and therapy dog teams and constantly continuing my canine education. My other passion is teaching basic obedience classes as all levels of dog training require the fundamentals that are key to a dog’s training and future.

In addition to dog training, I balance being a wedding and family photographer and a PTA mom of two boys. My husband and I moved to Las Vegas in October of 2014 and travel back home to Southern CA as often as possible."

I grew up in southern New Jersey where I trained and obedience titled my first dog, an Airedale Terrier.

I left home after high school graduation and attended college for two years in Ohio and then enlisted in the Air Force. I trained as a Field Medic in Texas and was sent to Viet Nam for a year. When I returned I was assigned to the Nellis Air Force Base hospital where I worked as a medic in the emergency room and later performed minor surgery in the hospitals surgical clinic. After my discharge, in December 1974, I returned to New Jersey and completed a degree in Medical Technology at Rutgers University.

After college graduation I moved back to Las Vegas and then worked as a medical lab technologist for the next 40 years holding positions as a technologist in multiple fields including chemistry, hematology, immunology, special chemistry and virology. In 1995 I became registered and licensed as a Specialist in Virology and subsequently became the supervisor of Virology and Molecular Diagnostics at Quest Diagnostics in Las Vegas. I later served as Laboratory Manager at North Vista Hospital for a year before building and directing the laboratory at Desert View Hospital in Pahrump for 7 years. Subsequently I worked as a Technical Applications Specialist for Siemens Diagnostics until I retired from the laboratory business in 2015.

Throughout my years of making a living in medical laboratories I continued to train all breeds of dogs and trial my own dogs (Akita, German Shepherds, Border Collies and a Dalmatian) in various disciplines. In 1992 I became co-owner and president of Canine Behavior and Training Center in Las Vegas as well as teaching dog obedience classes for the Community College of Southern Nevada. In 2010 I joined the Pahrump Valley Obedience Club where I taught group classes to the general public as well as pursuing individual training as part of my separate business, Henry’s GR8K9s. Along the way I became licensed as an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator along with being an Evaluator for the AKC ATT (AKC Temperament Test). As I continued to teach the public I pursued training and trialing my own dogs to advanced titles:

Obedience: Multiple dogs to Utility and Utility Excellent titles

Rally Obedience: Multiple dogs to Master titles

Trick Dog: Two dogs with Trick Dog Performer titles

Agility: Was involved in bringing AKC agility to Las Vegas with Gamblers Agility Club and had the second AKC Agility Excellent title awarded in Las Vegas

Schutzhund: Was the founding president of the Silver State Schutzhund club as well as having the only Schutzhund titled Border Collie in the state of Nevada

Flyball: Founding member of Flying Colors Flyball Team and recipient of both Onyx and Iron Dog Titles.

Herding: In the 1990’s had the only two titled AKC Herding Champions in the state of Nevada.

All of my experience training and successfully trialing dogs in various dog sports has given me a unique perspective and skill set that has led me to fully appreciate and apply the skills involved in training service dogs.

I am originally from New York City, and became interested in dog training over ten years ago when I got a Bullmastiff puppy and was terrified of the prospect of a 125lb dog with poor manners. I soon enrolled in a first basic obedience class for dogs and after my very first class I was hooked on dog training.

I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA). I have worked as an apprentice trainer, assistant animal behavioral counselor, dog handler, daycare supervisor for several doggie daycares, and as the Lead Animal Trainer for a No-Kill animal shelter. I have been a service dog trainer for several local and national organizations.

I am a former Marine and a published playwright. If I'm not working with dogs I can be found writing plays and performing, hopefully, in various theater projects.

I grew up almost always having a dog in our home. I truly saw them as a part of our family and to this day feel that all animals play a crucial role in our lives. When we take on the responsibility of bringing an animal into our home we take on the challenge of teaching them how they are to fit into our lives. I enjoy being a part of this experience and helping people build solid bonds with their dogs and showing them all the fun things they can do to include their dogs while enjoying life.

I started teaching training classes in my twenties back in my hometown of Sacramento, CA but took a long break for life, moving to a new state and focusing on my own dogs. My husband and I spent a few years showing our Newfoundlands in dog shows throughout Utah and Colorado and continued being involved with other pets by volunteering at shelters and working at a specialty pet food stores. In 2014, we rescued a rambunctious two-year old St. Bernard. Knowing all she had gone through in her life up to that point, she was going to need training and a lot of bonding time so I signed us up for obedience class held by a local dog obedience club. This lead me into getting involved with that club and teaching training classes again, reminding me how rewarding it is to be part of the positive relationship building between dogs and humans. This experience also really helped me view dogs in a more holistic perspective and came to understand that each dog, depending upon their origins, will see the their place in the world differently and we must respect and learn to work with that knowledge to really enjoy what they bring to our lives.

Now living here in the Las Vegas valley for the past three years, my dogs and I have been actively involved in obedience classes and trials, such as obedience, rally, and agility. When not working or working with our dogs, my husband and I can be found out on Lake Mead kayaking, hiking, traveling or just having fun splashing around with our dogs. All the fun we get to have with our pups is made possible with the bonds created through positive training and continuously looking for new ways to incorporate fun and games into our lives.